DEMOS 2014

by Gina, From Constantine



Shitty IPhone Demos, because we haven't posted anything in awhile.


released February 5, 2014

Travis Zohfeld: Guitar, Vocals
Ian Kroll: Banjo, Vocals



all rights reserved


Gina, From Constantine Chicago, Illinois

Two twenty-something year old kids who write songs about community, and other corny things.

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Track Name: Dirty Claws
I keep on walkin' down the street,
shaking hands with the people I meet.
They all have the same story,
I say sit on down, won't you tell 'em to me?

Dirty hands and bigger claws,
they're reaching out to grab it all
they'll take your family by surprise,
and take it all from under your eyes!

We'll grow what we want.
No regulations from the government
we'll plant a seed and grow a tree
it's a paradise for you and me.

Dirty hands and bigger claws,
they're reaching out to grab it all.
Track Name: The Grapes Of Wrath
There is a fight going on in the street.
We're all in tonight, and drinking to defeat.

Our social form is cracked and torn,
they'll kill us all, they've done it before.
They'll line us up and starve us all,
or shoot us where we stand.

There'll be police in riot gear, the swat vans are drawing near.
Soon the mace will touch our face, the cuffs will grab our hands.

We teach our kids hypocrisy, instead of feeding those that need to eat,
standing idly by to give Monsanto our money.
So they can grow some real big fruit, filled with GMO'S, then tax the roots.
If you wanted organic, you should've moved to a different planet, hippie!

Track Name: Ballad In Em
From farming lands, workers, migrants, and hands.
They gathered 'round in the center of town.
Screaming loud, "The feds can't kick us out!"
Screaming loud, "The feds can't kick us out!"

You see, Johnny here... his family's been here for years.
He's worked the plow, (20 years!) and he won't stop now.
Because this town will die if the kids can't eat.
And that's something the suits don't see.

So grab your guns and block off the roads.
We meet at dawn, get ready to go.
They'll learn today that we're here to stay,
and they'll learn today that two can play their games.

The smoke cleared and the bodies lay on the ground
lets bury our own, burn the others lyin' around.
They'll be back again, with more men and more guns,
but let's celebrate, for tonight we have won.